Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Coffee In Cork: Sugarcube

As you may remember from my previous Coffee In Cork post, I appreciate being able to call into a restaurant or coffee shop and easily order a cappuccino with soya milk.

One place that I've consistently ordered a great coffee is Sugarcube at the Grand Parade/ South Mall board walk. The soya milk is heated to the right temperature and the bubbles are nice and tight.

Sugarcube cappuccino with soya milk & dash of cocoa powder stirred in

Unlike my disastrous experiences at a certain coffee shop chain, this has been easy and reliable to order.

Sugarcube's glass walls make it a great place to sit and people watch and I'd highly recommend trying their coffee. They have some great low carb lunch pots on the menu too, featuring chicken and feta salads. I haven't made it there for lunch yet but hope to soon and will report back. 
Have you tried their lunch pots? What did you think?

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