Sunday, 26 January 2014

Low Carb, High Rewards

When you tell people you are eating a low carb diet you can get varied reactions- ranging from concern to terror. (And whatever you do, don't mention the word Atkins.) You are asked about blood pressure, about cholesterol and about heart attacks. You fried it in butter? Are you mad? Are you trying to kill yourself?

It can be difficult to satisfactorily answer those questions in the face of years of accepted thought and, to be honest, if you start talking about LDL cholesterol particles then people's eyes glaze over.

Today I watched the documentary Cereal Killers, which was funded via kickstarter, and you can now rent or buy here on Yekra. It follows Donal O'Neill as he deals with his family history of heart disease and his quest to reduce his own risk.

Over the course of 28 days he eats a high-fat, low-carb diet; undergoing periodical medical testing to see what changes have occured in his body. I found it interesting to see other peoples' reactions to his diet, and how many times those people used the word 'balanced'.

I would recommend watching this if you are curious about the low-carb way of life, have any medical issues that worry you, or just want to see what happens when a man eats meat and eggs for 28 days.

This documentary shows that the way we have been trained to think about the food pyramid over the last couple of decades is in serious need of shaking up.

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