Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Coffee In Cork: O'Conaill's

As easy as it is to control your diet when you cook for yourself, it can be hard to make good choices when out and about. One of the problems I've encountered is getting a good cup of coffee with soya milk.

When I started in a new job last Spring, I started going to a chain coffee store just around the corner from the office to pick up my morning coffee. However, within a week I was fed up.
Of the five days I went in, I was told three times that they were out of soya milk and ended up leaving with an Americano- something I'm not overly fond of. Three days out of five?! Either there's a problem with their stock ordering and upkeep or they just don't really care.

The third time this happened, I looked at the menu on the wall to make sure they were really advertising that they had soya milk and realised they were charging 50c more for the pleasure. Well now I was seriously unimpressed.

O'Conaill's cappuccino with dark chocolate

Remembering that I used to frequent the nearby, independent O'Conaill's for great hot chocolate as a teenager, I decided to pop my head in and see what their coffee and soya milk situation was.

There was no problem when I asked for soya milk and they even have the option of a sprinkle of their own dark chocolate on top of your coffee to make it extra delicious. And in a rare twist, it's exactly the same price as a cappuccino with regular cow's milk; €2.80.

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